Ok so the breakdown. I press play then when a thought jumps in my brain. I share it. In real time. Add you’re comments too. Or don’t.

0:00 hit play
0:05 love the finger snaps. I’m right handed but I think I snap better with my left.
0:20 Wasn’t there a famous Decca dude that didn’t sign the Beatles with the claim “that I don’t think the kids want this guitar music”. The kids always want guitar. Hell my 6 year wants to play guitar with Black Taxi when she grows up. Teach your children well. Teach them to love the guitar.
0:27 ok who can he still get down like?
0:32 OK Duran Duran in 1985. and this is what we getting down with in 1985. Probably

0:38 Quick name all the animal bands out now.
sorry I had to link to one my favorites

0:44 Lady Gaga?
0:54 wait did he just name drop Sacagawea?
0:56 kicking into high gear
1:17 What a line…holy balls he just dropped some knowledge.
1:47 will he still get down like the Double D?
1:51 what the what? Holy balls did he just referenced CHiPs

1:53 I love the “That’s Right” altered phrase…as if he knew he had just blown our minds with a John Poncherello reference.
1:57 yeah just do what’s right people. Just Do the Right Thing. And that’s the double truth Ruth.
2:20 oh oh ooooh oh (everybody now!)
2:36 I love the build up (and I love pauses). I wonder if a pause would work right there?
2:38 back to the pretty keys
2:52 nice change up of the lyric “stop waiting for the next big thing to strike”
3:02 yes get out of the house. Need somewhere to shake your tail feather? Stop by on Oct 22.
3:24 tape ends with a whirl. Very nice.

Thoughts? Enjoy it all, stay sexy and if you love someone hug them right now.

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