Hey guys Coach here.  There’s so much going on in sports right now I figured why not cover it all right here.  Maybe I’ll do this every so often.  Let’s get right down to it.


Well it appears that the Boston Red Sox finally realized that they don’t get paid extra for games in the playoffs and just decided to go home a month earlier than expected.  It was shocking in the off-season to see that they finally broke the color barrier in Boston and signed a non-white.  Thanks Carl Crawford now it’ll be years before they sign another black player.  I guess the gritty, low budget, small market America’s team in Boston will have to sit at home and watch those big bad mean Yankees in the playoffs.  They’re so mean the way they win all those games all the time.  How rude.  I think the Braves are just happy because if Boston didn’t choke everyone would be talking about them blowing an 8 1/2 game lead.  Boston’s was 9 games and subsequently was the biggest lead ever given up.  Good thing Atlanta played hard that extra half of a game.  Don’t worry Atlanta I see you guys and you suck too.


If blowing a 4th quarter lead is cool than consider Tony Romo Miles Davis.   Romo is quickly turning into the Alfonso Soriano of football.  It’s not OK just to be good in fantasy football Tony you have to actually win games.  It’s only a matter of time before Jerry Jones gets fed up.  No not with Romo I mean his plastic surgeon.  Who gets fired first Tony Romo or Jerry Jone’s plastic surgeon?


Last I checked having a shouting match with the players isn’t exactly a sign that labor negotiations are going well.  I think the Israelis had better talks with the Palistinians.  I’d get used to the idea of not having basketball fr a while.  Especially when even Kobe Bryant looks like he’ll be playing over seas.  Damn just when I started getting back into the NBA too.


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