Alternative Halloween Party From Hell

October 31, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

This a special treat. Megan hasn’t written anything for us in awhile. She still visits on occasion. Thanks for topical mix. Enjoy. also while you are crashing from your sugar high please watch Rock Center with Brian Williams. Kate Snow is on tonight. I’m a big fan of her’s and her work. You should be … Read More

Ten Songs – Halloween

October 31, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK it’s Halloween.  I figured I’d do a ten songs and list ten cool Halloween song for everyone to listen to.  While you’re handing out candy tonight take a listen to these tunes.  Just a word of advice.  Don’t be one of those people who goes the healthy route and gives out fruit or something … Read More

Friday Shuffle

October 28, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK everyone it’s October and they’re expecting snow this weekend.  Don’t shoot yourself just yet it’s time for the Friday shuffle.  1,000 songs on 1 iPod.  Let’s turn in on random and see what comes out.   10. Beatles – When I’m 64 – When I’m 64 my wife will only be 25 and I’ll … Read More

Simple Questions with Chris Bro: Beer

October 27, 2011By ChrisFood No Comments

I like beer. There is little in this life that I like more than sitting down with a friend or 3 and sharing a round. Simple questions with Chris Bro: Scott Vaccaro head brewmaster at Captain Lawrence Brewery Talking beer with Goose Island. PS I loved the White Pine IPA. Will you be bringing that … Read More

Musical Notes

October 27, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

Not a shocker here. Michael Jackson Tops #Forbes’ List of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Latest video from Black Key’s “Lonely Boy” Good song but still not the best “dance” video. I might have to vote this one. File Under Cute. Elvis and Elmo. These paintings of indie musicians by @JoeSimpsonArt are quite impressive. Via Twitter @lukelewis … Read More

Week 287: Best of October

October 26, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast 3 Comments

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the best of October. Artists and song titles: The Bright Light Social Hour- Shanty, Black Taxi – Tightrope, Rachael Yamagata – Starlight, Fifth Nation – Fight a War, Rival Sons – Get Mine, Dropkick Murphy’s – Going Out In Style, Big Troubles – Misery, Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes, … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

October 26, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

A certain new music DJ played this song for me last night and it’s been in my head ever since.  This is a pretty bad ass song.  Today it’s Gary Clark Jr. with “Bright Lights”. Enjoy!

Simple Questions with Chris Bro: CMJ

October 25, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

Let’s get this out of the way. If you read any article or talked to someone about CMJ and they didn’t mention this showcase (Sat Oct 22 at Mercury Lounge)…feel free to stop listening and ignore anything they had to say. Now or ever. Pre-event I was excited. I knew most of the bands and … Read More

How Bad Is This?

October 25, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 8 Comments

OK someone forwarded this to me because they know my feelings about Susan Boyle.  The other night she was on “Dancing With The Stars” and she ruined one of the greatest songs ever written.  The video is below.  Susan Boyle tackles the Righteous Brothers classic “Unchained Melody”.  I consider this to be perhaps the greatest … Read More