OK it’s time for the Friday shuffle.  5,000 songs spanning many different genres.  Let’s hit the shuffle button shall we?


10. Godsmack – Voodoo – This song isn’t all that good but I guess since it’s almost Halloween time I’ll listen to it.  I like the Godsmack from the Navy commercials better.  The lead singer is actually into witch craft and stuff.  Personally I think he’s full of crap.  Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as witchcraft.  Oh crap I this tremendous pain in my chest.  Never mind what I said I apologize.

9.  Nelly Furtado – Say It Right – Nelly Furtado is totally hot.  I wonder what ever happened to her.

8. The Temptations – Just My Imagination – How could you not like the Temptations?  A truly classic tune that never gets old.

7. Panda Bear – Alsatian Darn – This guy is a little like Trent Reznor in that this band is really just one person.  Of course he’s not as miserable as Reznor.  Is anybody as miserable as Trent Reznor?

6. Justin Timberlake – Justified – So he’s an actor, a singer, a dancer, and must be pretty good looking considering the celebrity tale he seems to pull down on a regular basis.  It wasn’t enough that he was a mega pop star he had to start acting too.  And judging by the pretty sick looking movie that’s about to come out with him in it he’s a damn good actor too.  Seriously God you couldn’t give anything to me you had to give it all to Justin Timberlake?

5. Metallica – The Four Horseman – Break out the metal horns it’s Metallica from when they were awesome.

4. Edgar Winter – Frankenstein – I never knew if this song was good or not.  I guess if you have to ask then no it’s not.

3.  Band of Horses – Marry Song – Love this band.  I guess this qualifies as a ballad.

2. U2 – Stuck In A Moment – Bleh

1. Creed – Are You Ready – As far as tremendous douche bags go Scott Stapp has to be near the top.  I saw these guys on TV trying to make a comeback not too long ago and they sounded horrible.


OK that’s it show’s over.  The shuffle was all over the place today but I guess that’s the point.  We had some songs that were classics and some that were not so much.


This is the new version of Creed. I didn’t think it was possible but they look even douchier than they did 10 years ago.






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