Hey guys Coach here.  After watching the greatest night of regular season baseball in history so I felt obliged to write about it.  Well it appears that the Curse may be back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carl Crawford was working as a double agent this whole season.  In fact I think he might be the Rays MVP. Last night was the greatest night of regular season baseball I have ever witnessed.  Not since the 2007 Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl has the city of Boston felt so much pain.  The ’07 Patriots were the greatest team of all time but let’s face it anyone can lose one game and the Giants had a great team that year.  To blow a 9 game lead in one month is just insane.  Red Sox nation is now in a state of peril.  Before they lost there were rumblings of Francona being fired.  Those sentiments will only grow louder.  The Red Sox are in a state of chaos and I can’t help but think that this could be the beginning of a complete overhaul of the organization.  The Cubs need a GM and the great Theo Epstein might be headed for Chicago.  If Francona and Theo leave this could be the beginning of another 86 year drought.  Until then have fun watching the Yankees in the post season.


Being a Red Sox fan really is a disease. These two items are just painful.

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