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Music Video Of The Day

Today’s video stars a young Katie Holmes.  This was before she joined that voodoo religion with Tom Cruise.  The song is by a band called The Flys.  The title is “Got You Where I Want You”.  This is a great […]

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Friday Shuffle

OK it's time for the Friday shuffle.  5,000 songs spanning many different genres.  Let's hit the shuffle button shall we?   10. Godsmack - Voodoo - This song isn't all

Musical Notes

Thanks to Bill Weir for this one. So THIS is what substance over style looks like! I forgot. What an Artist Really Gets Paid, Continued...: Thankfully, this is a

red sox best team in baseball 2011

Greatest Team Ever From Boston Loses…….Again

Hey guys Coach here.  After watching the greatest night of regular season baseball in history so I felt obliged to write about it.  Well it appears that the

Week 283 The Best of Sept 2011

Thanks for listening. The artist and the song titles: Butch Walker - Synthesizers, Grouplove – Tongue Tied, Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away, Fountains of

Music Video Of The Day

I saw the movie "Money Ball" last week and after watching it I had to run out and do two things.  The first was to immediately trade every

Andy Rooney Retires

It looks like Andy Rooney will be retiring from 60 Minutes and not a decade too soon.  Andy Rooney is 92 years old but if you ask me


Oct 14th: Charity Concert with Deadbeat Darling

It's a monthly concert series to raise money and awareness for two great Westchester charities, Gilda's Club of Westchester and The Greyston Foundation. The concerts are held at

9300_Mates Of State

Week 282 09.21.11

Thanks for listening. I hope you find a new favorite song. The Artists and the song title: Mates of State - Palomino The Kooks - Junk of


Music Video Of The Day

My internet has been on and off for some reason this week.  Maybe I should pay the bill.  Anyway I figured I'd throw up a video while I