Holy crap did you feel that?!  OK me neither.  I was in Stamford, Connecticut at the time of the great earthquake and I felt nothing.  Friends of mine in higher places, literally and figuratively, felt it on the 10th floor here in Stamford and other friends felt it in New York City.  I have a friend in DC who was ironically on a trip to southern California when the earthquake rocked the nation’s capital.  Of course the media is all over this. I mean if you’ve ever seen the coverage during a snow storm you know they just eat this crap up.  The New York media is loving a natural disaster they haven’t covered before.  They say the epicenter of the quake was near Washington D.C.  Unfortunately the capital building is still in tact and the President is on vacation (of course he is) so no one in our government was hurt.  Too bad, maybe we’ll have better luck with the hurricane coming through.  The only good thing that happened was the brief economic recovery that occurred  when congress was evacuated.  I’m sure the Democrats blame this earthquake on global warming and the Republicans will blame Obama of course.  I mean how could Obama let this happen on his watch?  If only we used solar energy this whole crisis could have been averted.  While the politicians point the blame at each other I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Pat Robertson gets on his cell phone and texts God to find out the real reason which of course will be the gays.  Why else would New York be shaking more than Chunk from the Goonies?  There’s no way that the fact that New York recently OK’d gay marriage and then had an earthquake is mere coincidence.  There has to be a reason and if anyone knows that reason it’s Pat Robertson.  Remember he is the one who told us why Haiti had that awful earthquake.  They made a deal with the devil of course.  No way that earthquake could be a random tragedy.  I honestly can’t wait to hear from that guy.  Sometimes I wonder why I still live in this country.  In my entire adult life I’ve only left the north east corridor once and it was a couple of months ago.  It’s supposed to be safe here.  No earthquakes or hurricanes.  Now even that is out the window.  I guess I still live here because I know that even with the natural disasters, our idiotic government, our over reactive media, and Pat Robertson we’re still nowhere near as bad as some of the crap holes on this planet.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until we start populating Mars.  Although I here they have some pretty sick natural disasters up there too.  Below is a picture of some of the devastating damage left in the wake of the great earthquake of 2011.

Bone Chilling

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