OK everyone after a whole week without internet I’m back.  Have you ever tried to go an entire week without internet?  It was a harrowing experience that I barely survived.  One day there will be a TV movie about my experience.  Anyway I’m back and I’m fully committed to providing you with content.  So let’s fire up a 10 songs list.  These ten songs are ten songs in which you have no idea what the lyrics are.  These songs have you saying “wait wtf did he just say?”.

10. Hanson – MMM Bop – Not only did they look annoying they sounded annoying too.  There’s nothing worse than a pop song with unintelligible lyrics.  Because having a bunch of gibrish stuck in your head is just awesome.

9. Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade – “Blah blah blah blah blah family with a pocket full of shells”.  That’s basically what I hear. Guys how are we supposed to rage against the machine if we don’t know what you’re raging about?  Then again I guess it doesn’t really matter does it?

8. REM – It’s The End Of The World – We all can pick out random words but as a whole no one what the hell he’s saying here.

7. Radiohead – Reckoner – One of their newer ones I love this song.  Although I have no idea what the lyrics are and, like a lot of Radiohead songs, it can be whiny.  Cee Lo Green covered this live one time and I couldn’t understand him either.  In fact I’m willing to say he has no idea what the lyrics are either he just made a whiny sound the whole time.

6.  Blur – Song 2 – Something about a jumbo jet that wasn’t easy but nothing is.  That’s pretty much all I got out of this one.  That and “Woo Hoo!”.  Yea that’s about it.

5. Third Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life – You think you know the words to this song but you don’t.  In fact your first reaction when you saw this song on this list was “What? I know the words to that one”.  Do you really?  Think about it.  Sing it in your head.  All you know is do do do dodododo and then you’ve got nothin’.

4. Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter – It’s almost as if this song is a parody of Eddy Veder.  Seriously what the hell is he saying.  Al I hear in this one is “I don’t I don’t I don’t wanna aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy I feel it” or something like that.

3. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song – “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ah Ahhhhhhhhh Ah.  Come from the land of the ice and snow where the……..” and we’re done.  That’s about all I got anyone else?

2. The Kingsmen – Louie Louie – These lyrics are so unintelligible that the FBI investigated them to find out what they were.  That sounds like something I would do if I were President.  Although I’d do a lot of things but that’s a whole separate post.  Anyway I think they say “We gotta lay that girl”.  If that’s true it’s awesome.

1. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – As a guy in his late 20’s this song/video changed my life.  However even eye have no idea what the hell he’s saying.  I know it has something to do with a mosquito and a libido.  All I can really make out though is “hello hello hello hello blah blah blah contagious not stupid” or something like that.  I think that’s what makes this song awesome.

OK there you have it.  Ten songs that you don’t know the lyrics to.  Any other songs you think should be on here are welcomed in the comments section.  Don’t blame these guys though.  Writing a son can be hard so sometimes you just have to mumble.


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