I was thinking about what song I should breakdown next…why not the song with the most votes from last week’s show? (Week 276) And so it is. Press play and follow along.

0:00 Pressed play
0:05 Gotta love the clapping. Totally addictive. Damn.
0:24 smooth voice
0:35 I wonder if the clapping is going to continue through the whole song. If so would that be a good thing?
0:37 She don’t want to go to sleep? I love my sleep. Never remember my dreams though. Actually I do remember one but it wasn’t fun and might be blasphemous. Ask me about it over beers.
1:05 Here comes the “Oh Oh’s”
1:11 Please tell me they were just having a poke of fun at this tune and it’s Oh’s

1:13 OK it’s probably just me but I think of Beyonce’s Oh’s going hand in hand with Mat’s Oh’s in this tune. Crazy?
1:15 I love pauses in tunes and this one is so close. I wish it were just a heartbeat longer.
2:00 Just catchy as all get go
2:03 Here come more “oh oh’s”
2:11 This is a “top down, heading to the beach, sing a long” song
2:12 do opposites really work out in relationships? Didn’t work out for this one

In fact, I should do a Breakdown of that tune. Wait change that from “should” to “will”.
2:28 Gentle hint people when someone says Maybe it means No (but they don’t want to say No right now or to your face)
2:49 Love that it ends with “oh’s”
2:54 doesn’t fade to black more like collapses into a pop music black hole.

Fun song and now please share your thoughts.

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