OK you know the drill.  This is where I put my iPod on random and post the first 10 songs no matter how embarrassing they are.  Here we go.

10. Enrique Iglesias – I Like It – For some reason they feel the need to play this song at football stadiums.  The only benefit if the lockout continued would be that we wouldn’t have to hear this song through our TV’s anymore.  No truth to the rumor that his mole is coming out with a solo project.

9. Arcade Fire – Wake Up – Wow talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum.  Basically everything I said about the last song but the opposite of that.  Sheer brilliance from a great band.

8. The Airborne Toxic Event – Tokyo Radio – Off of their latest album if you don’t have it go get it.  While you’re at it get their first album too both are equally brilliant.

7. Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll Pt. 2 – If you’ve ever been to a love sporting event you know this song.  Such brilliant lyrics. So simple yet so complex.  You might “Hey that’s a great song”.  Gay is a convicted child molester and if you’re shocked by that take a second look at him and you’ll realize he screams child molester.  You can’t take this song away from him though he’s certainly touched so many with this tune.

6. Bad Company – Bad Company – Some good old classic rock for ya.  Break out the air guitar and try not to scream out “BAD COMPANY” when the chorus hits.  I’m bad company til the day I die.

5. Metallica – Seek and Destroy – OK all you metal heads out there.  Try not to pick a fight with the co worker in the next cube.  This song makes me want to break something.  A window someone else’s face whatever.

4. AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie – A song for all the big girls.  Because big girls need love too.  You can say she’s got it all.

3. Rammstein – Mein Tile – These guys are pretty scary.  It’s metal so if you don’t like it just skip ahead.  They’re German and I’d say they are scarier than their countrymen Millie Vanillie but not quite as scary as their other German counterpart David Hasselhoff.  I have no idea what these guys are saying but they rule.  I once went to a festival where they played and the lead singer came out for the first song and sang it while he was on fire.  Needless to say it was awesome.  Although if you start the show on fire there really is very little to go from there.  They should probably save that as the closer.

2. Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have – A power ballad Nine Inch Nails style.  If you on a ledge somewhere this song my just give you that nudge over the edge.  Sad and beautiful at the same time Trent Reznor truly is a genius.

1. Night Ranger – Sister Christian – We’ll close it out with somethine a little lighter so if those last few songs have you down cheer up and listen to some cheesy 80’s music.  It is the weekend after all.

OK we got a little heavy there for a minute but that’s the risk you run on my iPod.  I was a metal head back in high school and will always be a little metal.  Enjoy the weekend.

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