Trying Something new. I’m calling it The Breakdown. Basically we’ll pick a song and discuss it. Break it down. Today is the band Girls with Vomit. Enjoy. Click play then follow along as I share my thoughts.

Girls is a band out of San Francisco. The name is obviously ironic as the two main members are guys. This song is called Vomit and we’ll try to figure out why as we listen. It’s off their second album called Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

0:00 pressed play
0:10 good easy start. It’s a slow build.
0:40 voice matches the easy start
1:05 love that the drum kicks in the “up” part of the tune. My guess is that live this song is sped up. I mean that’s one of the reasons why The Police broke up remember. Copeland would play too fast and Sting would get mad, pout and then off stage they would throw things at each other. Ribs would break etc. Anyway I bet if you hear this song live it’s a bit faster.
1:33 back to the dirge. Not quite Pixies slow/fast/slow but I’m digging it.
1:53 the lyrics remind me of my awkward youth looking for love (baby)
2:14 these lyrics live have to be intense and cathartic
2:43 gotta love a messy guitar solo
3:17 still not sure why it’s called Vomit. Guesses? Anyone?
4:08 nice change. I wonder if this was 2 songs combined into one?
4:45 notice the clean guitar now?
5:30 loving the organ. Brilliant
5:43 Holy balls I love the “Pink Floyd” lady as she turns the ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s of the background into a glorious, manic foreground noise.
6:22 fade to black and still no answer to the question “Why is the song called Vomit?” My best guess? Maybe because he is remembering how it felt to be young, dumb and full of…doubt. Maybe he’s looking back and thinking my younger self makes me want to get sick. Ok one more thought. They thought when you googled “Girls Vomit” the results were funny. Not sure I want to find out. You be my guest though.

So please share your thoughts. Add to the timeline…or don’t.

Suggest a song for The Breakdown. Also this song was included in week 275.


  • First of all, very cool idea. And this was a very fertile song with which to launch this new segment of ATN.

    Now, about the song. First, it was my clear favorite from the current week of NEXT. Second, I loved the first Girls LP and couldn’t believe this was from the same band — until the change you noted at 4:08 – the singing, the melody – then it was clearly the same band. That, and the lyrics.

    That said, I googled “girls vomit.” Now, the first three pages of entries are full of articles about the new song (people seem to love it!). But the video entries; that’s another story. Needless to say, I chose not to delve any further into the videos.

    I’ll leave with this revealing quote I found in one of the web entries about the song:
    “I wrote vomit before Girls was even a band or an idea, this is one of the first songs I ever wrote along with “Substance” and “Headache” what you’re hearing in “Vomit” is someone who is at life’s lowest, seeing the light, and becoming a songwriter.”
    — Christoper Owens

  • I love this breakdown, Chris.

    Years of Next give us a good sense of your taste, but this gives us more. You put a lot of effort into these shows…….and this gives us glimpse into the thought process.

    Would love to see this applied to some older material…….what holds up and why. Or what doesn’t hold up. And a little context surrounding an artist and their work is always good.

    I loved this one from Girls a couple of years back. Got a lot of Elvis Costello from it:

  • Oh yeah that’s a good one. I’ll be digging in to older songs too. I’m open to suggestions too. Thanks for reading along.

    • That is so funny and weird. I looks as if at first they were having a ditpuse about getting something out of the freezer. They reconciled and just thought it would be cool to just show their butts instead. LOL!!!

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