So the NFL Lockout is over, and I’m going with a number that you see on some of the greatest players in the NFL. The QB who made the most famous guarantee in sports history, and one of the all time greats who came frustratingly close to the title again and again. One of the two QB’s in NFL history with four rings is in this list. Throw in one of the best QB’s in the league over the past decade, and the NFL is well represented. And I’ve even left out other notables, with names like Griese and Staubach.

The number 12 isn’t common in the NHL, but Cournoyer played for the Canadiens during their glory days, winning 10 Stanley Cup championships, a Conn Smythe, was voted Captain, and is enshrined in the NHL Hall of Fame. Similarly, soccer doesn’t often feature the number 12, but you may remember Henry from the French World Cup team in 1998. He is the All Time leading scorer in the history of Premiere League Soccer’s most beloved franchise (for all you Fever Pitch fans), The London Arsenal.

Wade Boggs wore number 12. Not my favorite player (he displaced Carney Lansford, who I idolized as a kid, and then rode a stupid horse wearing pinstripes when he won a title with the Yankees) but he could hit.

And what does the NBA have to offer? Only the all time leader in steals and assists, Hall of Famer John Stockton. And since Howard is one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA, I threw him in there too.

So, have at it. The battle is on for the title “Best to Ever Wear The Number 12.”


  • Can’t believe you put Namath on the list before Staubach. And I’m a Jets fan! Let’s not forget, Roger put in 4 years in the Navy before becoming a 27 year old rookie and still, look what he did! And he didn’t have the teams behind him that Bradshaw had.

    That said, Bradshaw may have had some potent weapons, but he was a pretty potent weapon himself. And Terry never whined about getting hit (like another #12 on this list), and there were no rules to keep him from being hit like there are today. Nope, Terry wouldn’t complain, he’d just get up and beat you. And he’s got the rings to prove it. Give my vote to Bradshaw.

  • Lisa,

    Those Bills teams had a ridiculous offense, led by Kelly. But what a tough fate. My first 30 years of life I suffered through some rough Red Sox and Patriots seasons……but was still glad I wasn’t a Bills fan.

    And Rob…..yes, Namath was a tip of the cap to the New York fans. Damn, there are still kids in my town whose fathers buy them white cleats.

    Bradshaw is an all time great, and is still underrated as far as I’m concerned. Mostly, he’s depicted as a half wit who played with the best defense in the history of the NFL, but he has one of my favorite quotes. “They say I’m dumb, and they’re right. I’m so dumb, I have to hire a guy to fly my jet for me.”

    And Brady……damn do New Yorkers hate him. But after having his knee totally reconstructed, and missing the almost the entire 2008 year, he has come back and gone 24-9 in two full seasons. And he still has surgeries at the end of each season. Remember too……Mean Joe Green was 6’4” and 275lbs, vs. Albert Haynesworth’s 6’5” and 330 lbs. Jack Lambert came into the league at 208 lbs, and Jerrod Mayo plays at 245. Bradshaw had three seasons in which he missed four or more games…..imagine he was getting hit by these guys?

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