Week 279 Best Songs of August

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Thanks for listening. Artist and song title: Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard, John Butler Trio – Zebra (live), Rival Sons – Pressure and Time, PS I Love You – Facelove, TV on the Radio – Repetition, Mat Kearney – Hey Mama, Joss Stone – Karma, Tom Waits – Bad As Me, Ryan Adams and … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

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The powers back so how about a video.  OK so this one is kinda scary.  It’s a lovely little ditty from a group called How To Destroy Angels.  You might be saying to yourself (gee what an odd name for a band”.  You’d be right if said band didn’t consist of Trent Reznor and his … Read More

Coach’s Pulled Pork

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Hey everyone Coach here.  As you may know I like to invade different areas of this site.  Every now and then I take a walk out of the corner to post something.  Sometimes sports, sometimes movies, never books though.  Today is my first ever post on the food portion.  Don’t worry it’s OK Lisa the … Read More

Music Video of The Day

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OK today’s music videos is one of my favorite songs right now.  It repeats on my iPod on a daily basis.  You may know this guy as the lead singer of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.  No his name isn’t Edward Sharpe.  His name is Alexander Ebert and he just goes by Alexander.  He … Read More

Friday Shuffle

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OK everyone it’s time for a pre-hurricane edition of the Friday shuffle.  Personally I think they should change the names of these hurricanes to sound tougher.  I mean wouldn’t you be more scared of hurricane Tyrone than hurricane Irene?  Maybe then people would be more inclined to evacuate.  Anyway here’s today’s shuffle.  5,000 songs blown … Read More

Bob Mould: See A Little Light

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The Trail of Rage and Melody with Michael Azerrad Rage and melody indeed. He was an angry young man for many reasons (family, closet gay etc) and that much was crystal clear in Husker Du. But enough about him. What about my experiences with Bob. I grew up with and through Bob’s music. Husker Du … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

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Today’s video is a brand spankin’ new one from Florence + The Machine.  She’s in the studio working on her new album and they say it’ll be out some time in November.  This video is for the first single.  It’s called “What The Water Gave Me”.  I think it’s a pretty kick ass song and … Read More

Week 278

August 24, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast 7 Comments

Thanks for listening. Artist and song title: Mystery Jets – Show Me the Light, Arctic Monkeys – The Hellcat Spangled Shalala, Tom Waits – Bad as Me, Crooked Fingers – Typhoon, The Airborne Toxic Event – Wishing Song (muppets cover), Frank Turner – I Am Disappeared, Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard, Delicate Steve – … Read More


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Holy crap did you feel that?!  OK me neither.  I was in Stamford, Connecticut at the time of the great earthquake and I felt nothing.  Friends of mine in higher places, literally and figuratively, felt it on the 10th floor here in Stamford and other friends felt it in New York City.  I have a … Read More