Wow I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll start by I saying thank you to anyone that listened to NEXT at anytime. If you subscribed to the free podcast at iTunes…I LOVE YOU. You have brilliant taste in music and I truly appreciate you. This community of music lovers has become a second family to me. I’m from a large family in Chicago and family means a lot. The fact that I think of you as family is huge. The Peak was a large part of my musical family for five years, and that is a long run in this industry. I now have an opportunity to create a new forum for Next, which is feeling overwhelming, but it is a little exciting too.

NEXT will live on. I don’t know how or where. I would like to have you listening along though. So check back often. When I know I’ll let you know but for now enjoy the rest of the site.

Tonight was supposed to be Week 274 the Best of July. I’ll post that soon. I look forward to our Wednesday night live chats during the show. I’m going to miss you tonight.

If you are asking “what can I do?” A few thoughts: Keep coming back to the website. Follow me on social media. Listen to old shows. Tell your music loving friends about NEXT. Write a protest song against, well, anything. Have a beer with me. Join me for a brilliant night of music on August 12th with Black Taxi for the NEXT Charity Concert series. Enjoy it all. Stay sexy and if you love someone hug them right now.

This is great time for me to re-think NEXT. Please let me know how you want your NEXT songs. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe a one hour show isn’t the way to go. Maybe it is. Thoughts?

I was so sideswiped by this and they had my email discontinued before I got out of the meeting. I’ve lost all my contacts so please email me at chrisbronext at gmail dot com. Thanks.


  • Chris, as you know we suffered a family loss this week. But when I learned the news about you and Next It was the like pouring salt in the wound. You know that Lisa and I will join you in whatever the future will hold. As for The Peak, I really have mixed feelings for them today. Its been a helluva week on so many different fronts and I’m not at my best right now. But as soon as I’m able I will write that email to the station managment that will go unanswered. Good vibes and karma to you and your family.

  • Hang in there and know you are the best and loved by all of us!! PEAK is the loser here; you will always shine, especially with your NEXT adventure!

  • It’s so quiet in our house tonight w/o Next Show on, we’re so bummed out. More than bummed out, like we’ve lost a close friend. Sending good vibes & will check back often. Will listen to your shows for sure & want to hear you say “me likey”!

  • Chris,
    You’ve built up quite a large following of music lovers over the years and it’s evident in hard numbers with all of the folks that attend the charity concerts. There are so many ways to continue to share your music picks and introduce new bands to your audience that you don’t need an old technology medium like “radio” to do so. Look out youtube and satellite it’s time for the music to go global. Keep me posted on your new direction.

  • Chris, I have been let go from more jobs than I can count in my career. Do not let it define you….look towards what’s NEXT! Good luck to you, Bro.

  • The GM’s attempt at an explanaton seems to try to paint you as some sort of insubordinate who couldn’t play nice. Not buying it, but at the same time afraid for Chris, Caroline, et al.

    Best to you, Bro. May you soon find that other proverbial opening door.

  • We will keep an eye on what’s NEXT for you, Chris! Please keep us in your loop. Life has a “funny” way of opening up new doors, but I am a believer that change is ultimately a good thing. Thanks for everything! Best, Sue & Dave Harmon

  • I am so bummed out by this news! Will definitely keep following- your NEXT podcast was a sanity saver on my cross-country road trip. Hang in there and keep up the excellent work!

  • So my worst fears are confirmed. I turned on /The Peak this Sunday night and it certainly wasn’t new music. First reaction “Oh No”. Then “Well it’s August maybe vacation.” But looks like “oh No” wins as it often does in this business. I will really miss my Next fix on Sunday nights. I guess I’ll just keep checking in here. Curiously enough I am currently between jobs myself. My partner said not enough money for us both, so he stayed and I left. My reaction? I took my buyout money and I’m building a new studio in my old apartment in Greenpoint Brooklyn, “Creative center of the Universe” right now. If I can be of any help to you let me know. (No charge Bro).

  • Chris, is there still a link for OLD weeks of next? Meaning, can i still listen to say week 202? I can’t seem to find it….

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