OK who had July 2011 in their Amy Winehouse death pool?  I had January.  Anyway as we all know Amy Winehouse is dead.  In more shocking news the Pope has announced that he’s anti-gay.  I actually liked Amy a lot I thought her music was great and that album was brilliant.  I will miss reading about her exploits and seeing those crazy pictures of her in tattered and torn clothes, with no shoes and her makeup running while she was in tears.  People are now saying that Amy Winehouse is a member of the “27 club” with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, and Kurt Cobain.  Let’s get one thing straight.  Amy Winehouse was great but even in death she doesn’t compare to any one of those acts so let’s not get crazy.  She was a one hit wonder.  Those four were rock and roll legends.  I love Amy but a legend she is not.  She could have had a long career and should still be making music but the bottom line is she had one great album.  Word is the recipe that killed her was Cocaine, Ecstasy, and some kind of tranquilizer.  Amy’s life was painful to watch so living it must have been a nightmare.  Hopefully she’s found some peace now and is in a better place.  Although to be honest I’ve never quite understood that saying.  I mean they found her dead on the ground.  A few minutes ago she was alive on the couch.  Call me crazy but isn’t the better place alive on the couch?  Just sayin’.  In closing I have a couple of questions that I need help with.  First off is it too early to name my fantasy football team “Amy Winehouse rehab center”?  My alternate was “Casey Anthony Daycare Center”.  Also what’s the least shocking piece of news this year?  Is it the death of Amy Winehouse or Ricky Martin coming out?  That’s a close call.

Tried to find the hottest picture of Amy.  This was it.

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