I fully subscribe to the adage, Live music is good for the soul.  So when Lou, my husband, and I scored tickets to see Gomez and Good Old War at Terminal 5 last Thursday night, we were pysched.  By the time we left the city that night, I was on a high!  It was such a great show, even with a few mishaps.

Like the fact that Good Old War would not be performing.  When we arrived at Terminal 5, we learned that GOW was out and Joseph Arthur was in.  Turns out, as Ian Ball of Gomez explained, one of the band members from Good Old War was injured when a brick “fell from the sky” that same day, breaking one of the guitarist’s hands.  So Gomez called on “old friend” Joseph Arthur to play.   We also learned from Ian that one of Gomez’ 3 singers, Ben Ottewell, would not be singing at all as he had lost his voice (this seemed to be a big deal for long time fans but I was a newbie, so it didn’t matter to me)..and because of his illness, they were cutting the tour short and that night would be their last night of the tour.

Joseph Arthur, who said he got the call from Gomez about an hour earlier while he was out riding his bike, took the stage with a drummer friend of his, Russell Simmins (from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion).  Arthur put on a terrific set, starting with Chicago and included I Miss The Zoo, which I really loved.  Then Ian Ball came on stage and performed Mexican Army with him – killer!  I really loved Arthur’s set; he was funny, sounded great, the drummer was terrific.  Definitely recommend checking him out.

Gomez’ set was just fantastic.  Those guys, even with a sick band member, were rocking.  At times, I felt a little left out, surrounded by hard core fans that knew the lyrics to all the songs, but in the end, it didn’t matter because the music and the energy just sucked me in and I was dancing and loving it all.  Some of the songs performed were Get Myself Arrested, Options, Sweet Virginia, and Detriot Swing 66.  Even some of the crew members got up on stage for a song, a nice way to close out their tour.  I am definitely a new fan of Gomez after seeing this show and will be checking out their catalog.  Hope they’ll be back stateside soon.

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