OK everybody it’s my favorite part of the week.  Not only because it’s Friday but because I get a chance to take into the depths of my iPod.  It can be scary in there sometimes.  5,000 songs from just about every genre on complete random shuffle.  Here’s the first ten songs that pop up.

10. Mountain – My Lady – Sad to hear that Leslie West lost his leg a few weeks ago.  Hopefully he recovers well and is able to still make some good music.

9. Amy Winehouse – Just Friends – She’s trying to come back but judging by what I’ve seen on youtube it ain’t gonna happen.  It’s a damn shame too.  Does anyone really know what the hell she’s so tortured anyway?  I think her parents are still together and from what I can tell she didn’t grow up poor or anything.  She makes Lindsey Lohan look stable.

7. The Ataris – The Boys Of Summer – Is this a great cover? No. But it’s not the worst cover ever either.  It’s just done by a crappy band that’s all.  Oh and the original song kinda sucks too.  If you’re going to do a cover it should probably be a god song.

6. Usher – Caught Up – At least we can get up and dance on this beautiful Friday.  Even if it is generic pop music.  Personally I never really saw what the big deal was about Usher.  Even by pop standards I don’t think he’s all that good.  If I had to choose a pop act I’d probably choose Justin Timberlake over Usher.

5. Metallica – Master Of Puppets – The greatest heavy metal album ever made from the greatest heavy metal band of all time.  Every song on this album is pure head banging metal.  If someone were to come here from another planet and wanted to know what metal was you could just give them a copy of Master Of Puppets.

4. Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him? – I’ve asked that question often.  Love this one by Joe Jackson.  Just to be clear this isn’t the same Joe Jackson that beat the hell out of Michael Jackson and his brothers right?  Also I’m pretty sure it’s not the same Joe Jackson that lost his shoes playing baseball and could never play again all those years ago.

3.  Sevendust – Rumble Fish – Some more hard rock for you guys.  Better yet a hard rock band with a black dude as the lead singer.  Ya don’t see that every day.

2. Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight – A great 90’s one hit wonder.  Eagle-Eye is his real name and he is the brother of 80’s star Nena Cherry.  Just a few little factoids.

1. Black Sabbath – Changes – A ballad featuring Ozzy to close out this shuffle.  I think he still had a couple of brain cells left at this point and his bratty kids were only a twinkle in his eye.

OK that’s it.  I think there’s a little something on here for everybody.  Until next week.

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