The Jeter Hatred

July 10, 2011By AdrienneGeneral, Sports No Comments

So unless you’ve been in hiding, or perhaps on a cruise somewhere (or maybe at the Pleasantville Music Festival), you probably know that this guy named Derek Jeter collected his 3000th hit yesterday.  As baseball moments know, it’s fairly big.  Only two players out of the 28 members of the 3000 hit club have ever … Read More

Next Happy Hour

July 10, 2011By ChrisMusic 1 Comment

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve gathered together for a homemade cd mix exchange. I think we should fix that plus Chip Greene gives me the perfect excuse. He is a brilliant singer/songwriter from Nashville TN. We tried to get him here for a Next charity concert but the timing didn’t work out. He could … Read More