So, there may be some turf issues here, as I’m briefly leaving the sports forum to write a post in the food forum.  But, when you read about a beer on Pitchfork, it just seems that somebody has to review it/comment on it at AllThingsNext.  Because I am a team player, I suffered through the task.

The beer is brewed by Lagunitas in California, a brewer you should know if you enjoy good American craft brewed ales.  And the specific beer is a seasonal from this Spring, Wilco Tango Foxtrot, Jobless Recovery Ale………or WTF for short.  And while they claim this is not named after the band, the brewery does acknowledge they may be familiar with Wilco’s song catalog.  Apparently the band enjoyed the reference enough to post a link to the brewer’s webpage on their own site.

The beer itself is a brown ale, 7.8 % alcohol by volume.  Thus, if you really, really like Bud Light (4.2% alcohol by volume), you should maybe approach this one with caution.  This is a full ale, and is likely not the best summer beer.  It is rich in color, malty and somewhat sweet, and is more lightly carbonated than many craft brews.  It really smells great.  But if you love hops, they are very understated in this one.   Each year I seem less willing to commit to any beer that doesn’t have a strong hops finish, but this one might work in the fall or winter, with a little football and a grilled steak.

Meet the "Wilco Tango Foxtrot" Beer




  • Thanks Lisa. And please know, if you ever wanted to make a batch of cupcakes using this brew, and needed a guinea pig as a taster, and were willing to bring them to a Next event…..say Friday………I would always do my best to help make sure you have achieved the level of quality that you seek.

  • haha Well you’ve just talked me into bringing some spiked cupcakes Friday night, tho they won’t be Wilco cupcakes (Guinness this time… ) See you then!

  • So then, everybody who has read this exchange with Lisa, and who is also going to the Next concert on Friday, I have two words for you……..

    You’re welcome.

    Lisa, looking forward to seeing you, Lou, and the cupcakes.

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