Week 274 The Best of July

July 29, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast 1 Comment
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Thanks for listening. These are the 13 best …

Cheer Up Everyone

July 29, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music 1 Comment

I know you must be thinking that it’s odd that I, the man you all call Coach, is being so positive and upbeat.  You’re probably thinking this is out of character.  Well you’re absolutely right.  However I …

Friday Shuffle

July 29, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

OK it’s been a rough week for everyone around here and I have just the thing to cheer everyone up.  You may be asking yourself “Why Coach what could possibly cheer us up on a gloomy Friday after a …

Musical Notes

July 28, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

The first full trailer for Pearl Jam’s Documentary “Pearl Jam Twenty”. The movie will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10th, open in major cities on September 20th and air on PBS as part of their American …

I <3 the NFL

July 27, 2011By sullySports No Comments

I tried to pretend I was indifferent.  And I may have actually convinced myself that I would not be bothered by a missed NFL season.  I felt taken for granted, and even rejected, as it was clear what …

Music Video of The Day

July 25, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

OK today I’ll pay my respects to the dead.  Today’s video is Amy Winehouse with the title track of of her album “Back To Black”.  This is not only a great song but a great video.  It’s …

Amy Winehouse Is Dead

July 25, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

OK who had July 2011 in their Amy Winehouse death pool?  I had January.  Anyway as we all know Amy Winehouse is dead.  In more shocking news the Pope has announced that he’s anti-gay.  I actually …

Music Video Of The Day

July 22, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

Today’s video is by a band called the Limousines.  It’s a remake of sorts for the song “Video Killed The Radio Star”.  The Limousines song is called “Internet Killed The Video Star”.  Enjoy!