I just got back from Austin Texas. Great place. Loved it. I’ll be back. While I was there I snuck away from the FAM for a bit and got to hang out with the brilliant Bright Light Social Hour boys. They had just finished rehearsing/jamming. I drove to their humble and well hidden home. We sat down individually so as not to soil their answers. They led me out to their patio/garden with beers in hand (Ranger IPA) and my silly list of 5 questions. Click on the links below to hear the answers. Compare and contrast if you must.

I want to thank the Bright Light Social Hour for taking time out of theirr day to chat with me. I enjoy it and hopefully you do too. Oh and TBLSH the next round is on me.

Simple questions with Chris Bro: Jack

Simple questions with Chris Bro:Joe

Simple questions with Chris Bro: Curtis

a few months before I had interviewed AJ on a keg, below the Mercury Lounge.

Simple Questions with AJ from Bright Light Social Hour

OK I’m not the world’s greatest interviewer and yes there were questions I asked and they answered after I turned off the iPhone. Great job Bro. Anyway after getting them individually we gathered as a group.

Bright Light Social Hour chat

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you must (MUST) see them live. One word for their show? Bloody amazing. Thank me later.

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