Hey guys Coach here.  I saw this today and figured I’d share.  On this day in sports history “Iron” Mike Tyson beat the living crap out of Michael Spinks to become the youngest ever world heavyweight champion.  Spinks would never fight again after the brutal beat down which only lasted 90 seconds.  I posted the fight below in it’s entirety.  I was 7 years old when this fight took place and I still remember the image of Spinks hitting the mat.  His eyes looked like saucers as the back of his head slammed into the canvas.  Spinks is the one who lost but neither fighter would ever be the same.  Spinks would never fight again and Tyson would succumb to the pressures of stardom.  Growing up I watched every big fight with my father. We were big Mike Tyson fans before all of his troubles.  Was there anything greater than watching Mike Tyson in his prime.  He was raw and mean yet he had sort of a quiet humble demeanor.  If only Cus Damato had not died the story of his career and his life might be different.  Mike Tyson, in his prime, might have been the most entertaining athlete in the last 25 – years.  Glad to see it seems like he has some kind of inner peace now.  I just hope it stays with him.


  • Coach,

    I remember this fight so well. That upper cut was vicious. But Tyson won his first belt almost a year and a half earlier against Trevor Berbick (which didn’t last much longer).

    I remember the belt unification series on HBO…..and he was so awesome. I also remeber how shocked I was the night he lost to Douglas. Really……..I think the upset in my lifetime that most surprised me. He should have never left Kevin Rooney as a trainer.

    But for all the great fights he gave us, I’m most grateful for Mike Tyson Punch Out. Damn, did I love that game.

  • This might have been when he unified the belt. But yeah there was nothing better than a Tyson Fight. I could never get passed the Sandman in that game. Soda Popinski was tough too. Piston Honda sucked I beat the hell out of him on a regular basis.

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