This is the first novel by Albert Brooks.

It comes at a pretty good time as one might categorize it as a beach read. It’s a good beach read. It’s a comical, dark, quick read that does make you feel dumb. It’s my kinda beach read. It has flaws but I can easily look past those and enjoy the good parts of the book.

The book is set in the year 2030 (duh) and the world is cancer free. That causes all kinds of problems and this is world that Brooks imagines. I believe this novel started as a screenplay and you can tell. The book reads very “movie”. If you follow me on tweeter you know that about half way through I tweeted “reminds me a bit of Vonnegut”. I am all for anyone that picks up where Mr Vonnegut was.

There are leaps (the joys of writing a novel) but they aren’t so “out there” that you have to turn off your brain. Hell we are almost living some of the ideas right now. Massive earthquakes? check. Leaving a huge debt to our children? check. (Wouldn’t somebody think of the children). Sorry but what can I say other than I’m a big Simpson’s fan. Curing cancer. OK we’re not there yet but we are quite good at curing all kinds of diseases it’s not that difficult to believe that the cure of cancer will come.

I recommend the book. Enjoy.

The ideas in this book go quite well with The Bright Light Social Hour’s “Young Man Blues”

and a nice companion book might be Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

I’m half way through Moby Dick and at O’hare I picked up “The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman which I just started. I have had David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King” since it came out. I think the reason I haven’t started that one is the fact that it’s his last novel and I want to save it. Silly? Yes but what are we if not silly human beings.

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