I’m thinking a nice Monday musical interlude later tonight. Anyone else in the mood? If you aren’t familiar with my musical interludes check them out.

Summer Music Festivals are coming up. How to avoid annoying obnoxious fans. – Which type do you hate the most? Thanks @MadeLoud for the link.

Did you come out to the first Next Charity Concert? If so thanks. If not, hopefully see you on July 8th. Bring friends.

Wow, Weiner makes Wood’s texts seem so tame. Very NSFW. I love Lynch though. She is brilliant.

Congrats to the Mavs and Dirk. Were the Mavs the rebels and the Heat the Deathstar? Well this guys thinks so. Thanks Hot Clicks.

Keeping with the sports theme. Remember boys and girls there is a reason your coach always tells you to play until the whistle.


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