I saw a lot of friendly and familiar faces on Friday night. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting 2 great causes by listening to 2 great bands. Please continue to support the bands that we’re kind enough to help us out.

Steven Wright Mark opened the show and brought a bunch of music lovers with him too. Great MGMT cover. The main act was NEXT favorite Derek James with his Lovely Fools. A good time was had by all. The crowd even demanded an encore. We asked and we got “Free Love”. Derek said the band hadn’t practiced this “older” tune and promised a “trainwreck”. This is why we love live music and great musicians. If that was a trainwreck we need more trainwrecks in Rock n Roll please. I loved the fact that Derek was basically telling the band what to play, live as it was happening. It was brilliant. I might have to bring Derek back to play another concert.

We’ll see you on July 8th for our next charity concert. Same place. Same time (yes early) different bands. I’ll get the info online soon.

Thank you Stevie at Patch for the great write up.

Simple Questions with Derek James

Simple Questions with Steven Wright Mark

Simple Questions with Ron Claiborne of GMA

Other “simple questions with Chris Bro” with Black Taxi and Bright Light Social Hour.

Mimi thank you for the homemade cd mix. It’s excellent. Thank you Tony for the “roadtrip” cd of Mick Taylor.

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