First Charity Concert

June 13, 2011By ChrisConcert Series No Comments

I saw a lot of friendly and familiar faces on Friday night. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting 2 great causes by listening to 2 great bands. Please continue to support the bands that we’re kind enough to help us out. Steven Wright Mark opened the show and brought a … Read More

Musical Notes

June 13, 2011By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

I’m thinking a nice Monday musical interlude later tonight. Anyone else in the mood? If you aren’t familiar with my musical interludes check them out. Summer Music Festivals are coming up. How to avoid annoying obnoxious fans. – Which type do you hate the most? Thanks @MadeLoud for the link. Did you come out to … Read More

In Defense Of Lebron

June 13, 2011By CoachSports 7 Comments

Hey guys Coach here.  On the heels of last night’s epic failure by the Heat I felt it necessary to post something in defense of Lebron James.  There’s no shortage of people ready to pounce on Lebron but before you do you should ask yourself if all the hatred is truly called for.  Let’s first … Read More