OK guys.  My best friend is getting married today and ‘m in the wedding.  I have tons of things to do but I’m taking time out of my bus schedule. Why? To bring you the Friday Shuffle.  That’s how much I love you guys.  5,000 songs on my iPod all on random shuffl. Here it goes.

10. Aerosmith – Cryin’ – This is the video where Alicia Silverstone got her brake before “Clueless”.  Oh and “Clueless” is a highly under rated movie.  This was also before Steven Tyler sold his soul to be on American Idol.  Not that I blame him though.

9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Gaurdian Angel – Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a good love ballad but this one sucks.  I don’t know why it’s on my iPod.  I think it was one of those moments where I was thought it was a good song and then immediately after I heard it the first time realized how bad it was.  Oh well. Oh and SIDE NOTE: Is this the worst name for a band ever?

8. Alanis Morrissette – Head Over Feet – I still can’t tell if sh’s pretty or not.  She’s kind of weird looking.  Anyway this was a great album.

7. Neil Young – Ordinary PeoplePart 2 – This song is over 18 minutes long so there are two parts to it on you tube.  If you’re going to listen to an artist for over 18 minutes though shouldn’t it be Neil Young? Saw this guy live a few years ago and was not disappointed.

6. Dave Matthews – Save Me -Not really into Dave.  I think he’s pretty over rated live.  But I guess this is for all you Dave People out there.

5. Local Natives – Airplanes – Love this song by the local natives.  It’s one of those you just listen to over and over again.

4. Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole – A real uplifter I love this song.  Seriously though go somewhere happy after listening to this song.  Like a Chucky Cheese or something.

3. Green Day – American Idiot – To me the song that makes this album is “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” but this one’s OK.  I can’t imagine sitting through the Green Day musical though.  I would guess it’s a lot of manufactured anger and raising of fists in the air.

2. Macy Gray – I Try – This song kind of grew on me over time.  Although Macy Gray may be the most annoying person on the planet.  I wonder where she is now.

1. Usher – Yeah – I’m sure I’ll be hearing this a lot at the wedding tonight.  I think you have to think of that Will Smith movie when you hear it.  They really promoted the hell out of that movie.  Anyway it’s Friday so why not get up and dance?

OK that’s it I gotta run and get ready for my best friend’s big day.  Congrats to Captain James Mack.  Getting married knowing you have to ship out in the fall isn’t an easy thing for him or his wife. Two great people and I’m proud to be a part of their big day.  See you all soon hope you enjoyed this week’s shuffle.


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