This man, of course, is Big Papi.  Formally, he is known as David Ortiz, but for our purposes, he is simply Papi.

Back to him in a moment.  Briefly, let me say that it is a pleasure to join my friends here at “All Things Next.”  Glad to be a part of the fun.  I’m Rob Adams – sportscaster, writer, and several other descriptive words.  To those who know me, it will probably be a shock to their systems that my first post here is about and includes a picture of…them.

The Red Sox.  Especially considering my passion for the 27-time World Champions.

Yet clearly the Bostonians are the better team and, once again, Papi is using the Yankees’ pitching staff as his personal batting practice.  See, here’s the thing.  Joe Girardi, fiery “old school” Yankees manager, is a little miffed that Ortiz flipped his bat the other night as he homered against the Yankees…again.

That’s all well and good.  I’m like Girardi – a traditionalist who would get rid of interleague play, and might easily be talked into dumping the designated hitter.  I would not bring back the wool uniforms, however.  Those things were a form of torture.

Here’s where Girardi and I part ways.  If you don’t want David Ortiz to show up your pitcher and/or your team and/or cast a plague on your family, then don’t – do not – let him beat you.  Seems easy, right?  Well not quite.  The first thing to do is to make Mr. Papi less than comfortable.

Dust him.  He will go down, and he will go down hard.

But it’s more than that.  Pitch to him like a slugger.  Don’t throw him a room-service meatball like AJ Burnett did on Wednesday night.  Bust him with high fastballs.  It starts with an aggressive stance, and that means throwing inside, which no Yankees pitcher has had the marbles to do, dating back into the era of Joseph Paul Torre.

Until then, Big Papi will dance his way around the base paths.  And the Red Sox will keep beating the Yankees.  It pains me to say this.

While we’re talking about Boston, I know this might fall on deaf ears, but hockeys’ Stanley Cup Finals have been amazingly good.  Ther series is tied at two between the Bruins of the Hub and the Vancouver Canucks.  At the same time, the NBA Finals are also rolling on, with Miami and Dallas tied at two.  Lots of good sports out there.  If you’re bored or simply not interested, watch it with someone who knows the game.  There’s a chance you just might embrace it.

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  • My two cents……Yankee fans are focusing too much on one guy, and are ridiculously supportive of the notion that hitting a veteran ball player is going to put him on his heels.

    The problems isn’t that the Yankees aren’t hitting Papi………it is that other than Sabathia, the injuries to all of their pitchers have left them leaning on mediocre hurlers (Burnett, Garcia, etc.)

    Hit Papi all you want………AJ will still not beat the better teams in baseball. And if the injuries to the NY bullpen hadn’t debilitated what was a great group, Sabathia might have gotten the help he needed in the seventh.

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