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Movies vs. Video Games

I came across this nifty infographic today. It shows how much money video games make during their first week of release compared to how much dough blockbuster films rake in their opening week. The chart looks back over the last […]

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Week 267

Thanks for listening. The artists: The Postelles, Sloan, Beirut, Typhoon, Duncan Sheik (Depeche Mode Cover), Band of Skulls, The Green Lady Killers (John’s LC), The Globes, Seasick

Video Of The Day – NSFW

OK everyone tonight is the Coach Cast. I missed last week which means tonight's should be doubly awesome. Here's a sneak peek at what I'll be

Scumbag Championship

OK so Anthony Weiner could have been a late entry into this but I think he would have lost anyway.  To me the most surprising person to advance


Moby Gets Electrocuted

Saw this video of Moby yesterday and it's kinda scary.  They don't let me embed the video but if you click the link you'll see an article and