2011 the year of Black Taxi continues. Live review of their Mercury Lounge show in Joonbug. Article by Tamsin Holleran…and this is why you need to experience them in the flesh.

This probably explains why radio does what radio does and why I love anyone that takes a chance and listens to NEXT. Don’t tread water. Expand. Grow. Challenge yourself. 81% of iTunes collections never get played, according to a study.

Final song in Wolf Parade’s final concert: “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” with the crowd onstage. Watch the videos. Thank you Stereogum.

Free 40-song iTunes compilation courtesy of Southwest Air (US only). There are a few NEXT songs in there.

Via @largeheartedboy on Twitter: Sufjan Stevens covers R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” (video)

Did your favorite bar make it? If not, leave a comment. Outside Magazine broke down America’s best adventure bars, region by region.

NSFW 100 great movie threats. Quite a few bad words.

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