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To Hell with your Lockouts!

Surely, I am not the only sports fan that gets a little crazy about lockouts in professional sports.  It is, ultimately, a betrayal of the connection that exists between a loyal (cash spending) fan and a private business that is […]

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Week 270 Best of June

Thanks for listening. It's the end of the month and time for a "best of" show or the 15 songs that should be on your iPod right

Coach Cast 20

OK Coach Cast 20 is here.  Click play at 10pm and join the chat room below so we can all rock out together. Blue October - Razorblade Dinosaur Jr. -

Simple Questions with Bright Light Social Hour

I just got back from Austin Texas. Great place. Loved it. I'll be back. While I was there I snuck away from the FAM


Coach Weighs In – Gay Marriage

OK it's about time I weigh in on the subject because oh so many people are just dying to know what I have to say.  As we all

Music Video Of The Day

Today we go back to my favorite time.  it was a simpler time.  it was the 90's.  Today it's Silverchair with "Tomorrow".  Remember how great these guys were

Philosoraptor wonders why no one returns his calls.

Tree of Life: Review Part II

Yesterday I posted a review about The Tree of Life, a complicated movie about lots of stuff. I mentioned I had written this long essay that covered more

Philosoraptor wonders what this movie is about.

Tree of Life: Life, Death, and Some Dinosaurs

Just in case you were wondering, yes, The Tree of Life does have trees and life. It also has a twenty-minute sequence showing the Big Bang, the creation

This Day In Sports History

Hey guys Coach here.  I saw this today and figured I'd share.  On this day in sports history "Iron" Mike Tyson beat the living crap out of Michael

Music Video Of The Day

Today Jack and Meg teach us how to be friends.  Although I have to say it's all Jack on this one Meg's asleep the whole