Friday Shuffle

May 13, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music 1 Comment

OK everyone it’s time for the Friday shuffle.  It’s Friday the 13th so maybe it’ll bring us some lucky songs.  You know the drill.  5,000 songs on one iPod covering every genre.  I put it on …

To Travel or Not to Travel?

May 11, 2011By LisaSports No Comments

No, I didn’t accidentally end up here on my way to the Food section.  Hope you’ll indulge me a little while I vent about sports. Not professional sports, although the idea that I won’t be able to spend my Sundays …

Week 263

May 11, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments
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Thanks for listening. Here are the artists: East Hundred, Fleet Foxes, Eleanor Friedberger, Bobby Long, Bruce Peninsula (Fleetwood …

Foodie Links

May 10, 2011By LisaFood 1 Comment

I haven’t had as much time as I would like to post some new recipes, so I’m borrowing a move out of Chris Bro’s playbook (have you checked out Musical Notes?)  Hope you find something interesting and/or insightful here.  …

Musical Notes

May 10, 2011By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

One of the top ten songs ever written.

I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with the world. Bieber has over 300 million hits on YouTube and this one doesn’t. Wait, Bro are you saying that if more people listened …