It’s time for a Friday Shuffle. There is no better Friday Shuffle than the one that comes before a long weekend. So here we go ten random songs from my iPod.

10. Snow Patrol – Signal Fire – Not a bad song. This one’s off the Spiderman 3 soundtrack which had a few decent songs on it.

9. Green Day – Brain Stew – Not a huge Green Day guy but this is one of their better ones.

8. Feist – 1234 – Feist gives us a lesson in counting on this one.  She’s a pretty cool chick.  The video is kind of neat to so check it out.

7. Sevendust – Beautiful – This one’s a little heavy for some of you but if you’re into that type of thing Sevendust is always quality.

6. John Coltrane & Duke Ellington – In a Sentimental Mood – This is great music if you have a date over your place and you’re cooking dinner or something.  She’ll think you’re way deep even though you’re a complete moron.

5. Korn – Here To Stay – Ah the beauty of the shuffle.  We go from John Coltrane to the metal that is Korn.  Korn is one of the great hard rock acts of all time and if you saw them in their prime they were the best live act too.  This is the band that got me through my high school years.  This song is as heavy as they come.

4. Adele – Rolling In The Deep – Was not an Adele fan until I heard this song.  Love the soul she has in her voice.

3. Megadeth – Forclosure Of A Dream – At least Dave Mustaine had Megadeth after Metallica booted him so it wasn’t a total loss.  Even though Megadeth is a poor man’s Metallica it turns out a poor man’s Metallica is still pretty darn good.

2. Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’ – Gotta love Jay-Z.  This is one of those songs that is good to listen to just before a big date or a night out.  It gives you that extra little bit of swagger.  “I’m a pimp in every sense of the work bitch”.  Yea that’s right.

1. Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People – Not a big fan of Manson but this song kicks ass.  To me Marilyn Manson only had 2 or 3 good songs and this is by far the best. I heard a techno version of this when I was in Old Navy a couple of weeks ago.  It was appalling and probably the more offensive to me than anything Marilyn Manson ever did.

Well it was a very diverse shuffle today.  There really is something on there for everyone.  Enjoy the long weekend.

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  • Some awesome picks here..

    These speak to me:
    Signal fire is hands down Snow Patrol’s best song. Great choice.

    Korn – Here to Stay.. Damn Straight.. metal at its finest.

    Big Pimpin also deserves a plug

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