Sorry for the late post I’ve had a busy morning.  You know the drill.

10. Pink Floyd – Us and Them – If you’re in the mood for a nice trip here ya go.

9. White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground – Maybe my favorite White Stripes song.  Although I can make an argument that all of them are tied for first.

8. Bread – Everything I Own – For a second I thought this might make a good wedding song then I thought it’d be way too cheesy.  Sorry if this was your wedding song.

7. Cheap Trick – Surrender – I’m liking the mood my iPod is in today.  Love this song.

6. Britney Spears – Gimme More – I’ll always have a soft spot for Britney.  We’re about the same age and back in my day there really was no one hotter.  Everything she did was hot.  She even made out with chicks.  She’s fallen from grace now but I’ll always remember Britney as the Britney in her prime.  Kinda like older people did with Liz Taylor.  I mean let’s be honest didn’t Liz Taylor really die like 35 years ago?  Too soon? Whatever just sayin’.

5. Buddy Holly – That’ll Be The Day – Poor Buddy Holly.  I bet when he sang this song the night he died no one ever thought he actually meant it.  I guess February 3rd, 1959 was the day she said goodbye and made him cry.

4. The Classics IV – Spooky – I don’t think I’ve ever heard another song by this band.  Also this is kind of a crappy name for a band, if you ask me, but one hell of a cool song though.

3. Van Halen – Hot For Teacher – I went to an all boys catholic high school.  For some reason they thought it’d be a good idea to load it with young, hot, female, teachers.  Seriously I had to go to f**king Summer school my sophomore year for math.  That had to be hard on those teachers too.  I know I was hard for on them.  Oh crap I just said hard on.  You know what I mean.

2. Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Sugar Ray sucks and this is a terrible cover.  Love the original though.

1. Nine Inch Nails – Only – Anything Trent Reznor does and am all for.  He’s just so miserable it’s awesome.

Well that’s it.  Eight really great songs and Britney Spears and Sugar Ray.  I guess you can’t win em all.  See you next week.

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