Thanks for listening. The artists: Nite Nite, Death Cab for Cutie, Maria Taylor, Elliott Brood, Modest Mouse (Buddy Holly Cover), Art Brut, Atmosphere, My Morning Jacket, Tune Yards, Will Driving West (Listener’s Choice), The Felice Brothers, Richard Buckner, Grouplove

Listen then vote for your favorite song(s). The song with the most votes will be automatically included in the end of the month best of show.

and if it pleases you check out our live chat below and join us next Wednesday

Enjoy it all, stay sexy and if you love someone hug them right now.


  • I liked the new Death Cab and Nite Nite sounds really interesting, but I had to go with My Morning Jacket – Black Metal is just a thumping heavy riff that just wants to get me shouting along (practice for when I see them do it live)

  • I am really behind, esp with my computer hosed up. I need to listen to this week soon!! But I did see the Buddy Holly cover on here, have been checking out quite a few of the songs from the album and they are all pretty terrific!

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