So it’s come to my attention that a creative Next listener started up her own drinking game while listening to NEXT. She has agreed to post her rules but is inviting other NEXT listeners to suggest other “rules”. Please leave a comment and we’ll post the updated rules soon. I can’t wait for Wednesday’s show. Should be fun.

(Via Brig Next listener)
Ok i can’t find the original rules but had a girls night last night and listened to this week’s episode and made some rules again. We got VERY silly because we used tequila as our drinks (i don’t reccomend this). Here were the favorites/ the ones i can still read. There was very little sobriety involved in making these rules so feel free to edit them how you wish and I think it would be really fun for other listener’s to add rules of their own.

One drink if:
• you’ve heard of the band
• you’ve heard the original of the week’s cover
• Chris says nifty or me likey
• someone’s comment on the song make you literally laugh out loud.
• Chris describes the song with the same wording on the radio as he does during live chat
• you’ve been to the city the band is from
2 drinks if:
• you’ve heard the song before hearing it on next
• you’ve seen the band live
• the band is from brooklyn or canada
3 drinks if:
• the week’s listener’s choice is your pick
• the band is from sweeden

finish your drink when chris say’s if you love someone hug them (and hug all players since they’re cool enough to listen to great music and drink with you)

finish everyone’s drink if:
• you’ve made out with a member of the band

Enjoy and have fun!

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