Time for another Jersey War. In honor of the next generation of NBA HOF players now taking the center stage, I went with Derrick Rose’s #1. Could I have picked Durant, LeBron, or Wade as inspiration? Sure. But who is to say we won’t see another number featured soon?

#1 is an interesting number, shied away from in many sports. But it has been worn by some of the greatest goalies/goalkeepers in history, and by the only man to be enshrined in two professional football HOF’s (scoff if you will, but his numbers were ridiculous). Throw in one of my favorite baseball players ever, and one of the NBA’s immortals…….and maybe we’re having a conversation. It is Round Two of The Jersey Wars, the battle for the greatest #1 ever. You know the drill……..have at it, Nexters.


  • Jim Thorpe? Or Sadaharu Oh? The Japanese home run king not that either would get my vote…well maybe Jim but the Big O averaged a triple double before they kept those stats. Ah…wait for it…mazing.

  • oh and D Rose keeps playing like he has this year. Very soon he’ll be in the conversation.

    Great jersey war Sully.

  • Ugh…..I whiffed on Sadaharu Oh. He is the only baseball player I’ve ever heard of who never played for an American team. 868 HR’s…….damn. And I read he and Aaron had a HR contest in the 1970’s, which Aaron won 10-9. Imagine seeing that?

    Thorpe is an amazing athlete (I just read the first ever inducted into Canton), but it is hard to associate him with the number 1. Then again, I admittedly reached on Robertson a bit, who wore the number 14 in his prime.

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