Hey guys Coach here.  I just have to take this opportunity to congratulate that scrappy underdog team from the north on their series sweep of the Yankees.  To think a team that is so scrappy can rise up and defeat a team like the greedy, big spending, and just downright mean New York Yankees in a weekend series in May is just unbelievable.  Kudos to those scrappiest of the scrappy underdogs.  Last night’s victory not only got the Boston Whities I mean Red Sox back to the .500 mark but it pulled the underdogs of America’s team from dead last place to second to last place.  This is truly an amazing feat.  Just think it’s the middle of May and they are already at .500 and a half game out of the cellar.  If they continue their scrappy/underdog ways they’ll be in 3rd place by mid August.  It’s just amazing how such a low spending small market team can compete like this.  A series like this just goes to show if you load your team with scrappy under dog predominantly white guy types you can take down the evil, big spending Yankees in a 3 game series in May.  Congrats guys and take this time to celebrate.

Woo hoo 500! We’re not in last place.


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  • So……….i know you’re saying congratulations…….and I appreciate that, but………it just isn’t feeling like you mean it………

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