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To Travel or Not to Travel?

No, I didn’t accidentally end up here on my way to the Food section.  Hope you’ll indulge me a little while I vent about sports. Not professional sports, although the idea that I won’t be able to spend my Sundays […]

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Week 263

Thanks for listening. Here are the artists: East Hundred, Fleet Foxes, Eleanor Friedberger, Bobby Long, Bruce Peninsula (Fleetwood Mac Cover), Black Lips, Reptar, The View, Man/Miracle, Booker


Heidi Montag Needs A Break

Even I never thought I'd be commenting on Heidi Montag but hey it's a slow day I'm bored and I saw this article that really pissed me off.

Coach Cast Preview

Tonight is the Coach Cast #15.  Here is a preview of what I'll be playing tonight at 10pm just before NEXT.  Meet me at the corner for a