One of the top ten songs ever written.

I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with the world. Bieber has over 300 million hits on YouTube and this one doesn’t. Wait, Bro are you saying that if more people listened to this song the world would be a better place? Yeah I guess I am.

The Bieber’s of the world have a place all I’m saying is this song should be much more popular. Time to get Tom Wait’s Fever. Sure it’s not as catchy but trust me in 15 years you wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Brilliant. Bob’s “perfect day.” Have I mentioned you need to see him live. Listen as he intro’s his new songs. Brilliant.

Metacritic’s 2011 Spring Movie Scorecard


  • I love all of Tom Waits’ music through the early 80s. I agree this is a great song and I think Tom would give you one of his “gravel laughs” if you told him about this post. The idea of Tom Waits juxtaposed with Justin Bieber is hilarious and brilliant! And I agree with you…we need more of Tom Waits’ musical genius to make this world a better place!

  • I knew there were deep reasons that I liked you Mimi. You have to love anyone that loves Tom Waits.

    Oh and I love any comment that uses “juxtaposed”.

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