So the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and I’m all in. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t pay the closet attention if the playoffs don’t have a local flavor. A basketball purist might tune in just to marvel at the emergence of Derrick Rose in Chicago, but I’m watching two things right now. The last gasp of my Celtics (the team I love), and the last gasp of the Lakers (the team I love to hate).

As for the Lakers, I never thought the Kobe Era would be ended by the Dallas Mavericks. I mean really, there are times that a backup guard on Dallas, from Puerto Rico, looks like a more capable guard that Kobe (Barrea!). And Dirk Nowitzki looks soft against most big men in the league (but not Gasol and Bynum). The Lakers look old, like they need to blow things up.  And I love it when you pair the words “rebuilding” and “Lakers.” I think Bill Simmons said it best when he tweeted “The Kobe Era has just passed by the Dallas Book Depository.”

Now my Celtics…….this could be an epic series. It has the right story line…….proud, aging, and mostly ugly men against exceptionally talented, hungry, and way too pretty boys. And if I could write the script, it would go like this. The new kid looked at the big, aging hulk and thought “He looks vulnerable.” And so, the kid took a couple of quick shots. And then, last night, the big boy woke up, and………SLAM! Watch out new kid, you went and pissed somebody off.  Sort of like this:


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