Thanks for listening. The bands this week: Ha Ha Tonka, Bob Schneider, DOM, Cage the Elephant, Knox Sisters (White Stripes Cover), Cults, Augustines, Make Out, Tom Vek, Diana Pops, The National, Vagrants, The Trews, The Bell Brigade

Enjoy it all, stay sexy and if you love someone hug them now.


  • Stunning! Diana pops is amazing. Her followed by The National… who could ask for more?

  • ok, so I had to see who was beating out the kiddos…I listened to Diana Pops and I totally would have voted for her if my stinkers weren’t on here!!! I found my NEXT new favorite artist:) POPS ROX.

  • Shame on you Diana Pops for picking on the little girls.

    and Jamie glad NEXT found you a new favorite.

    Anyone else find a new favorite? Pop fans discover anyone new?

  • Ack! I didn’t know what to say to the “damn you” throw down. Those girls look way more badass rocker than I’ll ever be. 😉

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments Jamie! (or Jamie’s mom) Very kind indeed. Your girls did a kick ass job of covering the white stripes and thats no mean trick!

  • Ms. Pops, I was totally kidding around with the Dang you thing. You really are terrific 🙂 It’s just that in the morning they had 100 percent on the votes so then when people got passed the whole cutesy “kids singing the white stripes thing”….they actually listened to who was the BEST of the night! Jamie (mom) Knox

  • That’s the great thing about NEXT, there are no wrong answers. Thanks for listening and voting and creating the music for NEXT. Without you there would be no NEXT.

  • Thanks Zazzer Looks like Diana is on her way to an automatic inclusion in to the Best of the month.

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