Hey guys Coach here.  I’ve been watching some of these basketball playoff games and when I saw the Heat were going to play the Celtics I really thought it would be no contest for Boston.  Boy was I wrong.  I never jumped on the Lebron hating band wagon I was always a fan of his and thought he caught a little too much flack for leaving Cleveland for Miami.  I mean given the choice which city would you rather be in?  Anyway one thing I had noticed this season is that the Heat were down right soft.  No one on the team has been able to hit a big game shot and Chris Bosh seems to shy away from more physical contact then my prom date did.  The real clincher for me was when Lebron James chose to stay in the locker room as he was announced in Cleveland.  If Lebron is afraid of a few boos I thought there would be no way he be able to handle Boston who, love them or hate them, you have to say is pretty tough.  In this series however the tables have turned.  In the opening game I watched Boston hug Lebron James as he went up for a dunk on a fast break twice.  Later in the game Miami answered by doing the same thing to Pierce as he went up for a shot and Pierce got angry. The next play Pierce tried to take out the player and was ejected from the game.  It was in this game one where the Heat stood up, took Don Corleone’s advice, and acted like a man.  That game one was pivotal for Miami to show Boston they wouldn’t be pushed around and that’s why they’re up 2-0 in the series.  Watch out the Heat may finally be clicking.

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!

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