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My bookie wookie post

To be honest, I haven’t had much time to read, with a one year old that just started walking at home. The last book I read was “Goodnight Gorilla.” The one before that was “Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaur,” […]

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"We look good. Let's stand here a little longer."

Great Revenge Movies, Part 2

As news continues to trickle in about the death of Bin Laden, people continue to be pretty pumped that we finally got our man. Yes, there’s been some


NFL Player Gets Drafted Twice

Oops.  That's what the Browns basically said when they mistakenly called Cameron Jordan, the Cal defensive end, to draft him in the 4th round of the draft.  It

Music Video Of The Day

Today it's Beatles copy cats Oasis.  Given there are plenty of Beatles copy cats out there but I just think they took an extra mile.  They've also said