Well what a great Monday morning.  Hopefully you didn’t go to bed early last night.  Osama Bin Laden is officially dead.  Whenever there is a terrorist attack inevitably some terrorist group will claim credit.  I’m going to go ahead right now and tell everyone that I did in fact kill Osama Bin Laden.  I feel like I can tell everyone now but my whole life has been one giant cover.  My failed radio career, my living in my parent’s basement, and even my lack of a love life are all lies.  I’ll be expecting my medal of honor sometime soon.  In all seriousness this truly is a great day.  I would love to meet the real life super hero that put a bullet in the head of that coward.  Bin Laden’s legacy is that of a coward.  He gets people to go on suicide missions for him and fight all his battles.  Even in his last moments he couldn’t even accept his fate and die like a man.  He used a woman as his shield and cost her her life as well.  Because I know when I’m about to fight a guy I grab the nearest woman and put her in front of me.  That’s how real men fight.  It just goes to show how much of a wussy he really was.  We should have kept his body and had a parade in New York City and went right to ground zero and then to the city dump where the rest of the garbage goes.  Or maybe even cut his head off on live TV like AL Qaeda did to those innocent Americans. In the end It’s good the way they did it.  Throw him in the f**king ocean.  No muss no fuss.  I also want this entire Navy SEALS team exposed and put on every TV show.  They should be able to have any woman in America they want.  Seriously girls get out there and take care of these guys.  SIDE NOTE: Who are these people that can celebrate places at the drop of a hat?  I mean it’s great and all but who are these people?  How did they get there so fast and where’d they get all those flags on such short notice?  Did they have all this stuff prepared just in case we killed Bin Laden?  It looked like mostly college kids at the White House which makes sense because they’re always down for a party.  I’m just not sure it’s the best idea to give the world the image of our reaction in such a way.  Somewhere on the BBC right now they are talking about the american reaction and they’re showing some drunken idiot college kid going “USA USA USA… we got him don’t mess with the USA or we’ll totally like kill you and stuff no joke!”.  Anyway it is a great day and let us all, especially you women out there, honor the real life super heroes that got this maniac.


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