I just finished Egan’s “Visit from the Goon Squad” and just in time too. HBO has just picked up the rights for a series. Egan will be a consultant on the HBO project, not the writer, so I’m sure there will be differences.

Music is the glue that holds this good not great book together. It covers hippies in San Francisco, 80s punk in New York, record executives and babies with buying power. It’s also very hip too. Hell, there is a full chapter in Power Point. Did I mention hip?

It follows multiple lives, through time very deftly. None of the characters escape; they are all damaged.

A good beach read or just wait for the HBO series.

Up next? Not sure. Maybe Moby Dick, finally. That should be fun.


  • Love love love that you will have a Books section on your site! I joined my first book club recently (we’ve read 3 books so far) and speaking of HBO, I just picked up the first book of the Game of Thrones series (loving it!). Looking forward to more posts!

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