There’s a kind of regal mood in the air today but the question on everyone’s mind isn’t “how long will it last? or what’s her dress look like?”.  It’s “I wonder what songs come up on today’s Friday shuffle?”.  Well I know Prince William and Princess Kate are running over to their lap tops right now to check and see so without further ado here is today’s Friday Shuffle.

10. Van Halen – Jump – I always hated this song.  Van Halen is way cooler than this song makes them sound.  Enough with the keyboard already.  Bleh

9. ZZ Top – Legs – I guess my iPod is in a classic rock mood today.  I kind of see this the same way I see the Van Halen song though.  The guys in ZZ Top had far cooler songs but I guess everyone needs a pop hit.

8. Shawn Mullins – Beautiful Wreck – Was never a huge fan of Shawn because ya know I’m a dude and all but he’s a nice enough guy and puts on a decent show.  He’ll be playing the Peak Birthday show this Tuesday and I’ll be in attendance with a hot date.  Should be a fun time.

7. The Rolling Stones – Beast Of Burden – Love this one by the Stones.  Perfect song for hanging out at a barbecue and having a beer.

6. Gavin Degraw – Meaning – Not even sure why this idiot is on my iPod.  Must have put him on there to impress a chick or something.  Yea that worked out well.

5. The Who – Love Reign O’Er Me – An under rated classic by The Who.  Why did they spell the title like that though?  Oh those whacky Brits.

4. The Beatles – A Day In The Life – My iPod is really in the mood for some classic rock and roll.  LOVE this song by the fab four.

3. Santana – Maria Maria – Love this song off of his “Supernatural” album.  It’s got kind of a hip hop beat and of course a great guitar by Santana.

2. Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia – This is a nine minute epic.  It’s a decent song but remember when these guys put out 3 minute solid rock songs and didn’t have a broadway play?  Ah the good ol’ days.

1. Christina Aguilera – Beautiful – This is one of those “it’s OK if you’re ugly/different songs” that comes out every now and then so that ugly teenage girls will have something to listen to. Pink really cornered the market on that.  Let’s go over this again Christina Aguilera, is blonde, about, 5’5 120 pounds (in her prime), and is a hot looking pop star, is telling you it’s OK that you’re ugly. If she was in your high school and just walked up to a big fat ugly chick and said “I know I’m hot but it’s cool that you’re ugly” she’d be the biggest bitch of all time.  Say it in a pop song though and it’s OK.  As the boys in Spinal Tap once said “There’s a very fine line between stupid and clever”.

That’s it for the shuffle this week.  I guess my iPod was in the mood for some classic rock and was also feeling bad about itself, which would explain the Christina Aguilera song.  A quick congrats to the happy couple in England (As if they’re ever going to see this).  More on that later.


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