Visit from the Goon Squad

April 29, 2011By ChrisBooks 2 Comments

I just finished Egan’s “Visit from the Goon Squad” and just in time too. HBO has just picked up the rights for a series. Egan will be a consultant on the HBO project, not the writer, so I’m sure there will be differences. Music is the glue that holds this good not great book together. … Read More

Music Video of The Day

April 29, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

I figured I’d play this video given the special day for the Royal family.  Today it’s The Silversun Pickups with “The Royal We(dding)”.  OK I made the parenthesis up it’s really called “The Royal We”.  Enjoy!

Coach Weighs In – The Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

First and foremost let me just send my congratulations to the happy young couple.  Not that they’re ever going to see this but still.  My first impression of the new Princess is holy crap is she hot.  Seriously she’s way hotter than Princess Diana ever was.  I here Princess Kate even wears her seat belt. … Read More

Friday Shuffle

April 29, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

There’s a kind of regal mood in the air today but the question on everyone’s mind isn’t “how long will it last? or what’s her dress look like?”.  It’s “I wonder what songs come up on today’s Friday shuffle?”.  Well I know Prince William and Princess Kate are running over to their lap tops right … Read More