A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had made a yogurt-avocado dressing for my salad and how delicious and simple it was.  A friend of mine asked me to share the recipe so here it is.  I didn’t take any pictures, but it’s so quick and easy, you don’t even need the pictures.  This recipe is originally from a Mark Bittman cookbook; it’d be great as a dip for veggies, as a “sauce” or condiment for burgers or grilled chicken sandwiches, or as a dressing for salad.  This recipe makes about a cup, cup and a half, of dressing but it doesn’t keep, so use it within a day.

Yogurt-Avocado Dressing

Yogurt-Avocado Dressing (photo c/o EEE Cooks)

1 cup Greek yogurt (I used 0% Fage yogurt)

1-2 garlic cloves

juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon

1 ripe avocado

salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor, combine the yogurt, garlic clove, lemon juice, avocado, salt and freshly ground pepper and pulse to a creamy consistency.  You can also do this by hand by mashing the avocado, then adding the rest of the ingredients and stirring.

Since I didn’t include any pictures this time, here’s a quick video I found on how to cut and pit an avocado.

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