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Guys, it's okay. You're both winners in my book.

Mila Kunis Challenges Natalie Portman at Sex Once Again

Still sore from not getting the part of the Swan Queen, Mila Kunis is going after Natalie Portman again. And just like before, Kunis will use her sexuali-tay to seduce us to her side. I’m talking about Friends With Benefits, […]

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Musical Notes

2011: The year of Black Taxi. Their music is in this trailer. They are heading back to the studio soon and you need to see them

Yogurt-Avocado Dressing (photo c/o EEE Cooks)

Yogurt-Avocado Dressing

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had made a yogurt-avocado dressing for my salad and how delicious and simple it was.  A friend of mine asked me to share the recipe so